Welcome to Village Bread Cafe and Village Bread & Bagels

From the day Village Bread Cafe opened its door at its first cafe on Philips Highway in Jacksonville, FL the goal has been to offer diners something extra special…and what could be more special than using home-made breads from its own bakery! Village Bread Cafe’s menu is described as “classic” but with a twist. At lunch you’ll find a terrific selection of grilled sandwiches, home-made soups, pizza on our own ciabatta and big, fresh salads. Breakfast is a winner too with great omelets, pancakes, French toast, our own bagels and so much more. A breakfast or lunch catered from Village Bread Cafe will bring you compliments galore. Village Bread Cafe has 3 locations serving “Classic Fare With a Twist.

Village Bread Cafe

Welcome to Village Bread Cafe. We have several locations in Jacksonville which means you’ll never be far from the best breakfast or lunch in town. Oh, and don’t forget pastries. We’re not part of the biggest bakery in town for nothing! Check out our lunch menu featuring grilled sandwiches, home-made soups, pizza on our own ciabatta and big, fresh salads for lunch. On the breakfast menu you’ll see something for everyone–how about a bagel and cream cheese or maybe a full country breakfast complete with fresh eggs cooked to order; hash browns, fresh fruit or grits; toast or bagel; and Applewood-smoked bacon or country sausage. our French toast is made from Brioche bread, which is actually made with eggs. It makes the French toast products some of the best you can find in Jacksonville. There’s something for everyone at Village Bread Cafe.

Village Bread & Bagels

Village Bread & Bagels has been serving fresh bread and bagels to wholesale customers throughout Florida and Georgia for almost 20 years. Sandwich shops, restaurants, specialty grocers, fine hotels and hospitals serve our fresh breads daily.

Everything from sub rolls and sandwich loaves to artisan breads and bread bowls is made at our bakery in Jacksonville, FL. Our bagels are available in 9 delicious varieties. We look forward to serving you.